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Kyle Blackmer

An Update For Everyone On Our Progress...

College students have perennial problems managing money, and at this time of the year our bank accounts take a major hit just like everyone else’s.  But the funds of our team missionaries would be particularly low if it weren’t for the support of so many families, friends, and businesses.  When we accepted our call to Ecuador, each one of us also promised to raise $1600 for our travel arrangements and to aid the people of Misahualli.  Though we are still working to collect more funds to give to the Sisters and the people we will be serving, we want to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped us in our efforts, to ask for continued support, and to update everyone on our progress.

In addition to requesting contributions from our families and friends, each member of our team has taken part in many fundraising projects including the following:

  • Claire, Julie, and Justin spoke to the parishioners of St. Aiden’s Church in Mineola who provided us with tremendous support.
  • Joe enlisted the help of the Long Island Catholic, Newsday, and several other news organizations to promote and advertise our efforts.
  • The parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Church in Marcellus, NY, blessed me with their kindness and have generously supported our team.
  • Tina, Danielle, Chiara, Stephany, and Jon raised support from households in the towns of West Hempstead and Garden City.
  • KK and I received much generous support from the businesses of Nassau Boulevard in Garden City.
  • Our good friends the Geminder family and their parish at St. Mary’s Church in Amityville have strengthened us with their prayers and contributions.
  • We also are most grateful for the support of Hofstra University and Adelphi University’s student governments.
  • All missionaries have sent personal letters in request of support and prayers from family and friends.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all individuals, families, businesses, and parishes supporting us.  This blog is dedicated to our efforts to keep you informed and to assure that you are active members of our mission team.  Through your financial and prayerful support, you are doing the Lord’s work, and we cannot express enough thanks for your selfless and cheerful answering of His call.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we have less than one month of preparation for our fantastic journey!

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