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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Rosie, Matthew & the entire team

We are halfway through our third day here in Ecuador. We arrived in Misahualli yesterday late afternoon and settled into our cabins. To our surprise, the Family Missions Company missionaries were able to secure very nice accomodations for us which include beds for each missionary, bedding, clean showers with hot water and three delicious meals a day. The Lord has truly been so generous and has blessed us with these gifts, no doubt encouraging us and challenging us to live by the Gospel passage which says, "To whom much has been given, much will be expected¨ (Luke 12).Pununo Village 
Last evening at dinner, we were welcomed to Misahualli by the Bishop of this diocese. He shared his deep gratitude for our presence and our service to the people and gave us a special blessing. After dinner, Fr. Lachlan traveled to a nearby jungle village to celebrate mass and baptize a baby there while the rest of the group gathered to go over the plans for the next day. We all ended our day with prayer and journaling.
This morning we rose early for morning prayer and song. After breakfast, we were split into two groups. One group was able to witness an Ecuadorian wedding in one of the nearby jungle villages. This wedding united the parents of the baby that Fr. Lachlan baptized just yesterday! We were blessed to have lunch with the bride´s family and play with the children there. The other group met with another community and went door to door, inviting them to come to mass, and engaging with them in fellowship.
After returning to the main village, we got into our work clothes and have been at the church and convent doing projects to improve the buildings inside and out. We have been washing, cleaning and painting the inside of the church, as we will be witnessing two weddings and a baptism this evening. Others have been mixing and pouring cement for the sisters´ driveway and patio.   
All of the missionaries are healthy and filled with the joy of the Lord as they have been experiencing the people and the beautiful surroundings around us. All of you should be very proud of them; they are changing lives and being changed themselves.
The next couple of days we will be visiting other communities in the surrounding villages, bringing them the sacraments which they rarely have access to and simply loving them. We will also be engaging in more work projects to improve the Church and convent. We have also befriended some local college-aged Ecuadorians and will be working with them and the sisters to put on a youth night for the village.
We thank you again for your continued prayers; we´ve been praying for all of our families, friends and benefactors each day and are encouraged to know that your prayers are with us.
In Jesus and Mary,
Rosie, Matthew & the entire team

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