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Diocese of Rockville Centre

2012 Mission Trip to St. Lucia

Sarah Cote

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaSt. Lucia has been a faith filled experience that has opened my eyes to people who are less fortunate than me and also to God’s work and love. The people of St. Lucia welcomed us with open arms and I experienced their faith first hand.  Walking through the streets of Castries strangers would give a smile and a quick greeting. Church on Sunday morning was especially joyful. The parishioners showed their passion for their faith and joy God has given them through their prayers and music. I watched as they clapped and danced through every song praising the Lord. During the sign of peace everyone left their seat to greet and hug everyone with genuine acceptance. The people of St. Lucia perfectly demonstrated how to treat and welcome everyone like they are Jesus. It was refreshing and inspiring.

I grew more than I could ever imagine in my passion and love for the Lord through this trip. I wanted to go to St. Lucia to help others, but in the end the people we met and became friends with helped me more than I could ever help them. They have shown me what it is like to truly give one’s life up for the Lord and trust that he has a plan and purpose in my life. It has renewed me with a sense of belonging in His heart. The biggest blessing to me on this trip was being around people with such a love for God. From the people we meet every day, to the team I spent the whole week with, the faith in God and joy in His goodness was contagious. I hope to keep and feed this new passion for God and pray it continues to grow.

Adelphi Mission in St. Lucia

Meaghan McCormack

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaHumanity ” has the ability to reach beyond upbringing…to evolve, from ordinary everyday humans into saints” Jane Goodall

Having time now back home has allowed me to reflect greater on my experiences in St. Lucia.   Although there are many thoughts and reflections that have arisen since I have been home, the greatest I feel compelled to mention is the universality of the church and each individual is called to enter into that unending journey towards greater holiness.  There are two parts to this thought.  The first being that the Catholic Church is beautifully universal in that we can learn how to practice our faith through many cultures enhancing Adelphi Mission in St. Luciaour relationship with God.  The second piece being that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ available to help each other attain greater holiness as a lifelong journey, which is capable in all walks of life and manifests itself in all sorts of ways.  We meet such strong witness’ of the faith on our journey from locals working to feed the poor, the homeless themselves, elderly and youth each in their special ways calling us to greater holiness as we tried to encourage them to live out their faiths more vibrantly, for we are the light of the world and our faith should not be hidden.

Brendan Duffy

The 2012 mission trip to St. Lucia was one of the best experiences of my life. It was one of the holiest, yet also one of the most fun events of my life:

Adelphi Mission in St. Lucia

On the night of our arrival day, I was so tired and cranky that I felt like all I wanted was to be back home, but once we started getting into the swing of things, I knew that God was calling me to be there, and I was having the time of my life. And by the end of the trip, I did not want to leave.  From the more serious events such as feeding the poor, celebrating mass, giving and receiving testimonies about how Christ came into our lives, to the more light-hearted matters such as playing games at night, singing and dancing, and throwing balls at each other; the entire week was a gigantic step outside of our mundane lives and into a life where God was always the cornerstone.

John Miller

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaFor someone like me who likes to travel a lot, the mission trip to St. Lucia meant a shift in perspective. Though being a tourist isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t have a lot to do with true submersion in local culture. You go from airport to hotel, shuttling between beaches and landmarks without getting any sense of how people live. In a week’s vacation you may sample the culture, but only from the comfortable perspective of how different it is from the American way of life. You see, you taste, you experience, but you don’t actually learn about local life.

The mission trip to St. Lucia was by necessity completely different. The seventeen of us were not tourists, but new friends seeking to help, to comfort, and to learn. Abandoning our preconceived notions of how we’d usually spend a week in a tropical paradise, we took on the perspective of missionaries and had our lives changed by the experience. We opened our hearts, and had them filled anew.

Erica Conde

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaIt is impossible to summarize the amazing experiences that I encountered during the St. Lucia mission trip because there are simply no words to explain the joy, the love and the power of Christ that existed and that ran through my blood.  The only way I can articulate all of the emotions is describing how it felt like an out of body experience; I, along with the rest of the mission team became the hands, feet and mouth of Christ and we spread his message through our words and actions.

As I mentioned in my testimony, I have waited two years to be called to serve the Lord through mission work.  Each year that the Adelphi Newman club ventured out to bring the light of Christ to others, something always held me back.  Now, as I reflect on the past years, I believe it was God himself keeping me at home until He felt that I was mature and confident enough to serve others and it was this January that He decided to let me go--with His guidance of course!

While I had listened to the life-changing stories of my friends and learned what life was like as a temporary missionary, I did not know what to expect in St. Lucia.  I had to keep my heart and mind open and I decided that not only did I want to experience something amazing but I also wanted to watch my team members grow in their faith as well. Little did I know that I would receive more than I ever hoped for--a stronger faith, everlasting friendships and a passionate love for all of God's creations.