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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Our Mission Statement

In order to ensure the participation of Catholics of African Ancestry in every facet of diocesan life, the
purpose of the ministry shall be to:

  1. Serve the spiritual, cultural, educational, and social needs of Catholics of African Ancestry in the diocese;
  2. Encourage further insight and understanding by the church of these needs;
  3. Foster vocations to the priesthood, religious life and deaconate;
  4. Stimulate the development and training of lay leaders, especially youth and young adults, of African ancestry to assume leadership roles at the parish and diocesan levels.
  5. Promote spiritual and liturgical rites that are synonymous with and culturally akin to people of African ancestry; and
  6. Work to identify and eliminate the seeds of racism that seriously affect relationships between Catholics of African ancestry and those who are not.