St. Margaret Mary received some very comforting words from Christ, especially when she was fearful about the future:  “What have you to fear in the arms of the Almighty?  Could I possibly allow you to perish…after having…given you continual proofs of the loving tenderness of My Heart?” 

How we all need to meditate on those words!  For how many times have we ignored the proofs of God’s love before our very eyes?  Don’t we sometimes take for granted the love others show us?  It’s easy to miss a small sacrifice that a family member made for us, the hug of a child, a friend’s compassion.  They often get swallowed up in the routine of our day. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote:  “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all that is unseen.”  There is so much beauty in our world!  And yes, there is also great horror and sadness.  But Almighty God has given us the answer to these as well:  He has given his only son, Jesus Christ.  He submitted himself to the unjust atrocities of men so that he could offer us his love.  And then he bared his heart to St. Margaret Mary so she could tell the world, again, about his love for us.  When someone makes themselves that vulnerable, aren’t they really showing their strength?  For no one can hurt Christ again, but he opens his heart for you to find refuge when the world is cruel and unfair.

A small prayer for today:  “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the tenderness of your Sacred Heart, for reminding me to notice and return Love in all things…Amen.”