Alyssa Smith

It's funny Lord how you show yourself to me
It's in ways I cannot explain
Your love penetrates my heart and my heart burns with your beautiful light,
my Lord.

Basilica Nacional EcuadorYou created me in your likeness
You created me as your own
You created me so that I can go out into the world and give my light to others who don't posses it.
That's what you want from me
You want me: As your vessel, as your instrument.

In this silence, I hear you. You are telling me to do, to be, to LIVE.
To spread your love.
How come my Lord, is it so hard back home? I search for you and, yes, I must say I'm the one at fault, but here, you are SO clear. Like a diamond in the rough.

Trusting you my Lord, is key. You will provide and I'm SURE of that. Can you tell me this? Are you calling me for something greater? To be greater than just your child of God, but to be one of your Saints?
I feel you burning my soul.
I feel you calling my name.
I feel you holding my heart.
I feel you on my lips.
I feel you everywhere.
You make me whole.



You were nailed to a cross for me and looking up at your broken body,
my heart burns.
It burns for you.


Give me your eyes.
Give me your hands.
Give me your feet.
Give me your mouth.
Give me your heart.
Give me your entire being.

As I write this I realize that you already have.
Now it's my turn.
I give myself to you.
In communion with you.

I love you, my Lord. Keep me safe.

- Photo by Danielle Natorski