Sarah Cote

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaSt. Lucia has been a faith filled experience that has opened my eyes to people who are less fortunate than me and also to God’s work and love. The people of St. Lucia welcomed us with open arms and I experienced their faith first hand.  Walking through the streets of Castries strangers would give a smile and a quick greeting. Church on Sunday morning was especially joyful. The parishioners showed their passion for their faith and joy God has given them through their prayers and music. I watched as they clapped and danced through every song praising the Lord. During the sign of peace everyone left their seat to greet and hug everyone with genuine acceptance. The people of St. Lucia perfectly demonstrated how to treat and welcome everyone like they are Jesus. It was refreshing and inspiring.

I grew more than I could ever imagine in my passion and love for the Lord through this trip. I wanted to go to St. Lucia to help others, but in the end the people we met and became friends with helped me more than I could ever help them. They have shown me what it is like to truly give one’s life up for the Lord and trust that he has a plan and purpose in my life. It has renewed me with a sense of belonging in His heart. The biggest blessing to me on this trip was being around people with such a love for God. From the people we meet every day, to the team I spent the whole week with, the faith in God and joy in His goodness was contagious. I hope to keep and feed this new passion for God and pray it continues to grow.

Adelphi Mission in St. Lucia