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Diocese of Rockville Centre


Catholics Come Home

  • Catholics Come Home is a welcoming ministry for anyone who has left the Catholic Church or anyone interested in becoming Catholic. Whether it was resentment, anger, divorce, isolation, apathy, rebellion, or a lack of understanding of the faith, coming home has never been easier.

Catholic Mountain 
  • Catholic Mountain is a simple resource of interviews, videos, audio, and articles that was created to offer men the spiritual support they need to stay strong in spirit while serving others and emptying themselves to Christ.


That Man Is You

  • That Man is You! presents the vision of man fully alive! Combining the teachings of the Church and wisdom of the saints with the best research from modern science in an interactive, multimedia format.


Threshold Bible Study

  • Threshold Bible Study is a dynamic, informative, inspiring, and life-changing series that helps you learn about Scripture in a whole new way. Each of its theme-based books will help you to explore new dimensions of your faith and discover deeper insights for your life as a disciple of Jesus.


  • GODSPY is an online magazine for Catholics and other seekers. From politics to the arts, science to the economy, sexuality to ecology, GODSPY explores the ideas and experiences that reveal Gods presence in the world.


Crossroads New York Cultural Center
  • Crossroads New York Cultural Center has a shared interest in culture and the desire to communicate in New York the remarkable vastness, openness, richness, and profundity of the cultural life and passion for what is human that springs from the education to the Catholic faith taking place in Communion and Liberation.


Apostolate of New Evangelization
  • The ANE is a Catholic Church lay apostolate acting upon Pope John Paul II's call to a New Evangelization - new in ardor, methods and expression.


Christian Life Movement
  • Christian Life Movement is committed to a permanent effort, to live and disseminate the gift of reconciliation as the "central theme in the task of the Church", as has been taught by Pope John Paul II, and as a way of approaching the whole mystery of Christ from a dimension of plenitude and totality.


Emmaus Journey
  • Emmaus Journey helps enable non-practicing Catholics, occasional Catholics, and nominal Catholics experience conversion to Christ, transformation in Christ, and mobilization for Christ as Catholic disciples that motivate them to wholeheartedly embrace Christ and his Church.


Christ Life
  • ChristLife is a lay Catholic ministry established in response to the Church's call to a new evangelization. To equip Catholics for the essential work of evangelization so that others might come to know personally the love of God through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, becoming his followers and members of the Church.


Word On Fire
  • Father Robert Barron is a sought-after speaker on the spiritual life-from prestigious universities. This prominent theologian and podcasting priest is one of the world's great and most innovative teachers of Catholicism. His global media ministry called Word on Fire has a simple but revolutionary mission - to evangelize the culture. posts weeklyvideo clips, commentaries and radio sermons and offers an audio archive of over 300 homilies by Fr. Barron.


The Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Assocation
  • The Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association (PNCEA) builds up the body of Christ by equipping Catholics to evangelize