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Diocese of Rockville Centre

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. – November 18, 2009 – The Catholic Church of Long Island is launching a comprehensive, electronic giving program that is available to all 133 parishes with Faith Direct.

The electronic giving program is a convenient way to practice responsible financial stewardship by using electronic funds transfer (EFT).  Through electronic giving, parishioners can make all contributions to their parishes via an automatic payment from a checking/savings account or credit card – just as one would with their cable bill, phone bill or other expenses.  With the number of personal check users dwindling, this program offers a more secure, yet easy way to support parish offertory.

“[Faith Direct] is a great program,” said Rev. Msgr. Thomas Harold, pastor Holy Name of Mary in Valley Stream, NY, who been using Faith Direct since February 2008. “It is safe, secure and has dramatically increased collections. I would definitely recommend Faith Direct.”

The Faith Direct program will help give each individual parish a predictable cash-flow that simply is not possible through traditional cash or check donations. It allows parishioners to fulfill their financial stewardship commitment automatically even when they are not at Mass due to inclement weather, vacation or other out-of-town obligation. As the leading full-service electronic offertory program for the Catholic Church, Faith Direct is uniquely qualified to implement and manage this transition to automated giving.

 “This is a bold action which will benefit our church for years and generations to come by strengthening each individual parish, and maximizing our overall financial stability,” said Charles Trunz, III, chief operating officer, Catholic Church of Long Island and the driving force behind this dramatic move towards a comprehensive electronic giving program. “By making Faith Direct our preferred provider for electronic giving, we’re allowing our parishes to leave the details of automatic giving to the experts and focus of the truly important work of reaching out in the community and helping others.”

“Electronic giving is our core competency, so we offer an unmatched level of expertise as well as one-on-one customer service to each parish, and we also handle every aspect of executing the system as well as transitioning envelope users to electronic giving,” said Brian Walsh, president of Faith Direct. “Also, Faith Direct adheres to the most rigorous security standards available so parishioners can use our system with confidence.”

Working with Faith Direct will also help strengthen the Church.  It will ensure that parishes and faithful will be comfortable with this new way of parish support before the decline in personal check usage renders the current envelope system obsolete.


About The Catholic Church of Long Island
The Diocese of Rockville Centre ( was formed in 1957 and covers 1,198 square miles in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  The diocese serves approximately 1.5 million Catholics (total population in both counties is approximately 3.4 million).  There are 133 parishes in 115 towns.  Last year over 17,000 baptisms, 19,000 confirmations, 17,000 first communions and 3,000 marriages took place in the diocese.  There are approximately 20,000 students in Catholic elementary schools; 13,000 in secondary schools and 3,500 in higher institutions.  There are 69 Catholic elementary and high schools and one Catholic college in the diocese.  Catholic Health Services of Long Island consists of five hospitals, three nursing homes, a community-based home for those with special needs and a hospice.  In 2008, Catholic Charities assisted more than 55,485 individuals who are poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged on Long Island.  (12/08).


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