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Diocese of Rockville Centre

by Samantha Lumetta

Hello everyone!

Today was our first full day in Joplin!  We started off the day strong with Morning Prayer that really reminded me why we are here and prepared us for the day.  I am so grateful to be here, experiencing this with a group of truly faithful people.  Even while I am writing this now I can hear the group outside singing their praise.  The house feels peaceful and full of God.  I feel so blessed to be around this community! 

After prayer we all got ready, the ladies of Newman rocking some pretty fabulous ‘veralls!  For today’s work we split up into three teams: one group cleaned up the massive pile of debris in the yard, another went to the baseball field next to the school to clean up and my group headed to a house to put up dry wall.  On our way to the house we pasted by the baseball field to drop off a member of the group, it was shocking to see the destruction.  The damage became very real, I was reminded how lucky I am to both have my home and neighborhood, and to be here to help. 

The house we worked on will be used for other missionaries and volunteers and eventually be given to a local family.  The house had great structure but the inside was damaged.  We learned to put up dry wall and I was very thankful for the team I was with.  We had a great time exploring the house before we got to work removing the old wall paper and insulation.  During our main task of drilling the dry wall onto the beams I became quite frustrated with the power tools a few times.  I was grateful for the members of my group, because they reminded me to be patient and take it slowly.  Our group had a lot of time for bonding and sharing stories.  We even got a chance to speak with a neighbor and the gentleman delivering the dry wall.  Both we’re welcoming and we got the chance to tell them about our mission and faith. 

After our work and regrouping we shared in adoration at the church.  I was struck with the beauty of the church and was reminded that God is everywhere.  It was a humbling experience to think about how far we’ve come.  I have such a small sense of the world and yet it is so vast.  I’ve learned and experienced so much in our first day!  We toped the day off with hot dogs and some boom boom sauce which, if you haven’t tried, I highly recommend! 

Looking forward to the rest that we have to offer Joplin!

Current Missionary,

Sam J