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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Meaghan McCormack

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaHumanity ” has the ability to reach beyond upbringing…to evolve, from ordinary everyday humans into saints” Jane Goodall

Having time now back home has allowed me to reflect greater on my experiences in St. Lucia.   Although there are many thoughts and reflections that have arisen since I have been home, the greatest I feel compelled to mention is the universality of the church and each individual is called to enter into that unending journey towards greater holiness.  There are two parts to this thought.  The first being that the Catholic Church is beautifully universal in that we can learn how to practice our faith through many cultures enhancing Adelphi Mission in St. Luciaour relationship with God.  The second piece being that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ available to help each other attain greater holiness as a lifelong journey, which is capable in all walks of life and manifests itself in all sorts of ways.  We meet such strong witness’ of the faith on our journey from locals working to feed the poor, the homeless themselves, elderly and youth each in their special ways calling us to greater holiness as we tried to encourage them to live out their faiths more vibrantly, for we are the light of the world and our faith should not be hidden.

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