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Diocese of Rockville Centre

- Sarah Kulins

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaAt Newman Club, we often share “God Sightings”; things that happened over the course of the week, that we felt God’s presence. Its our way of sharing the ways that we recognize His work. The week we spent in St. Lucia was filled with not only “God Sightings”, but with Encounters with God.

An encounter with God that I would like to share with everyone is praying over Sheena, a young  lady at the Missionaries of Charity home. Sheena is 21 years old, however, Sheena is very sick, she is frail and very skinny, she is bedridden, and cannot speak or walk. When a group of us visited Missionaries of Charity that day, the first thing I heard when I walked in was her heart wrenching cries. Entering the side room hesitantly I paused to speak to a woman that was in the bed next to Sheena’s, however I felt drawn over to Sheena’s bedside where my friend and fellow missionary KK was standing. KK had started to sing You are Mine when I approached, seeing a glimpse of Sheena for the first time, my heart was thumping loudly and I was just filled with emotion. I sang along with KK, and Sheena stopped crying for a while.  We chatted for the nurse for a little bit, until Sheena began to stir again and we sang Do Not Be Afraid. Our voices harmonized beautifully, like never before, and we kept singing, what ever we could think of; On Eagles Wings, Blessed Be Your Name, and Mighty to Save.  A while later when Sheena started crying again,

Danny joined us at her bedside and the three of us sang to Sheena, however, this time after two songs, she hadn't stopped crying yet. Impulsively, I grabbed my bible that I had set down at the foot of her bed and opened up to Psalm 23 which I had bookmarked, The Lord is My Shepherd. I continued on, finding another psalm to comfort Sheena. Meanwhile Danny and KK were also praying over Sheena, we each had a hand on her. We stroked her shoulder to relax her, and I kept holding her hand while I read. This time I felt as though the holy Spirit was not only working through us, but that God was present, that he was there with us. My Encounter with God. It is difficult to describe how this experience felt, but I know I felt God there with us and it was really beautiful.

Adelphi Mission in St. LuciaThis is only one snapshot of the many blessings we received. The Catholic Crusades, the youth group meeting, visiting the elderly, feeding the poor, and so many other things also made this trip so remarkable.  Something very special about missionary work is that you are not only doing service to the people you meet, but also to the God. Everything we did on this mission trip was to serve God, I realized that we are His hands and feet, we are His tongue, spreading His words and His love.

This mission trip was my first, and definitely won’t be my last.  Thank you to everyone who made this mission possible through donations, as well as your prayers and support, I am so grateful.

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