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Diocese of Rockville Centre

One of the most recurring themes throughout Mother Teresa’s writings was Jesus’ Holy Thirst for us.  She wrote to the M.C. Sisters:  “He longs for you. He thirsts for you…My children, once you have experienced the thirst, the love of Jesus for you, you will never need, you will never thirst for these things which can only lead you away from Jesus, the true and living Fountain. Only the thirst of Jesus, feeling it, hearing it, answering it with all your heart will keep your love…alive.”

i-thirst2.jpgAnother time she instructed the Sisters:  “Ask yourself.  Have I heard Jesus directly say this word to me personally?  Did I ever hear that word personally? ‘I thirst.’ ‘I want your love’…if not, examine yourself:  why could I not hear?” Why, indeed?  Do we hear Jesus speaking to us?  It’s difficult to understand that God can love each of us completely, with His entire being.  In our humanity we can only picture a love divided into pieces, where perhaps we get a small share.  But Mother Teresa knew differently:  somehow on that train ride to Darjeeling she was able to experience God’s love for her in such a powerful way, and also experienced His desire for our love – His Thirst. 

Perhaps she understood the concept of thirst in a deeper way because of her long interaction with the poor of this earth.  Fresh water is scarce in third-world countries; dehydration is a common occurrence.  To be parched and crave water is to to crave life itself – perhaps such is the thirst of our God for us. 

Today, in solidarity with those who live with a scarcity of clean water, let us try to go without our morning coffee, our water bottle, or our afternoon tea.  Then internalize that feeling and pray for a greater understanding of Christ’s desire for us…

Bl. Mother Teresa, pray for us!