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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Bl. Mother Teresa required that all her Missionary of Charity Sisters be formed by spending their first year completely immersed in study and prayer.  This building of a spiritual interior life was an important part of their formation:  "The interior must become the main power of the exterior...For if (the Sisters) are not in love with God - they will not be able to lead this life of continual immolation for souls." (BMT)

She compares the interior life to being "in love with God", and instructs them that their inner love must fuel their exterior life.  That is a truth which we can all embrace!  When we are passionately in love, we often relate everthing in our day to the object of our affections - at home we are happy to cook a nice meal for them, our happiness makes the work day fly by, and a phone call or letter is pure bliss.  Mother Teresa explained to her Sisters that their lives must revolve around their love for their Savior; it is only true passion which can keep them doing the work they were called to.

How is our relationship with God?  Are we in love with Jesus?  Even if we are tired or busy, taking time to stay connected with our God is of the utmost importance. There is always time to offer up a prayer; always time to whisper a small devotion; always time to lift our eyes and hearts heavenward.  Just as we cannot neglect our human relationships, we cannot neglect our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Today, take the time to focus on your interior life by reading the Bible or a devotional book, going to Mass, or even making a good confession.  Stay connected to God, who is passionately in love with us.

Bl. Mother Teresa, pray for us!