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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Bl. Pier Giorgio once wrote to a friend about his mountain climbing:  "I left my heart on the mountain peaks and hope to retrieve it this summer when I climb Mt. Blanc.  If my studies permitted, I woud spend whole days on the mountains admiring in that pure atmosphere the magnificence of God."  He reveled in the splendor of nature and felt close to God when he was scaling a mountain.  Upon reaching the summit and looking out, he literally breathed in the majesty of God's creation.

Do we ever take a day of retreat from the world in a natural setting, on the shore, in a forest, on a lake?  We can try to grasp the "magnificence of God" in a mountain like Pier Giorgio did, or the brilliance of God in a firefly, or the wonder of God in a kaleidoscope of sea shells.  The point is to recognize God as the Author of Beauty, and then realize that He created you, too, and that you are beautiful in His sight! 

"God don't make no junk" pouts a little cartoon boy, and Bl. Pier Giorgio would agree.  Today, thank God that He created Life, created Beauty, created You!  Then be aware of handprint of God on everything around you, and be amazed...

Bl. Pier Giorgio, pray for us!