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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Pier Giorgio was a vibrant young man who was, like many men of his age, passionately in love with a young woman.  Her name was Laura Hidalgo, and though he truly loved her, he believed that God was calling him to something higher and made the painful choice to discontinue the relationship.

On December 28, 1924, he wrote about his heartache to a friend: "I am reading the novel by Italo Mario Angeloni, Ho Amato Cosi, in which he writes in the first part about his love for an Andalusian woman, and, believe me, I feel a lot because it is like the story of my love. I too have loved like that, only in the novel it is the Andalusian girl who makes the sacrifice, whereas in my case I am the sacrificed, because that is what God wills."

heart.jpgBl. Pier Giorgio knew the value of chastity and, difficult though it was, chose to follow what he believed God wanted for him.  In this way his love was offered for the world, because he poured his heart out in the service of others.

Our youth today need Pier Giorgio as an inspiration to lead a chaste and pure life until they decide upon their vocation.  Too many young people don’t realize that they are giving away a little piece of their soul every time they jump carelessly from one relationship to another.   God wants more for our hearts!  Today, say a prayer that young adults may come to realize how important a chaste heart is, for them and for our world.  Ask Bl. Pier Giorgio to intervene on their behalf, and tell his story to someone you love.

Bl. Pier Giorgio, pray for us!