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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"Our life, in order to be Christian, has to be a continual renunciation, a continual sacrifice.  But this is not difficult, if one thinks what these few years passed in suffering are, compared with eternal happiness where joy will have no measure or end, and where we shall have unimaginable peace."  PGF

Sacrifice is defined as "the surrender of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim."  Bl. Pier Giorgio lived his entire life in surrender to God because he believed in the higher claim of Heaven.  But he didn't despise this life or live it in misery; quite the opposite, in fact.  He lived it in the joyful and freeing knowledge that his Lord was involved in every human interaction:  in the laughter of friends, in his service to the poor and sick, in his hunger for justice in the world.

He lived the sacrifice of the moment, willing to put aside his plans to follow the will of God in every instance.  One can almost hear him asking, "What shall I do now, Lord?  And now?  And now?"  He faithfully fulfilled whatever he believed God was asking of him.

Perhaps we may think that sacrifice is one part of Pier Giorgio's spirituality which we would rather not emulate - it's asking too much - but to sacrifice for another is truly the highest form of human love, one which embraces Divinity, which is why God chose it for his Son.  What can we sacrifice today for another in the name of Jesus Christ?

Bl. Pier Giorgio, pray for us!