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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"Each of you knows that the foundation of our faith is charity."  PGF

Although Pier Giorgio's family was very well off, as a youth he only received a small stipend from his father.  He often spent all of it on the poor, and even gave his train fare to others, literally running home to be in time for dinner.  When he did ride the train, his friends asked him why he rode third class, to which he replied with a grin,  "Because there is no fourth class!"

His charity is reminiscent of the poor widow in the Gospels, who gave her last two mites to God:

"I reach in my purse, two small coins lay inside; but what can I buy that my Lord can't provide? 

A piece of clean linen, to sew a new robe?  Like the radiant lillies, we shall be clothed.

A small bit of grain, to bake some fresh bread?  By the Words of His mouth we shall live, it is said.

Some oil for my lamp, to hold back the night?  Yet I'm told for all people, He is the Light.

An earthenware pitcher, to help quench my thirst?  His Living Water is what I'll seek first.

Two little coins, of what use can they be?  I'll give them to Him, who takes such care of me!"

Like the poor widow, Pier Giorgio was not afraid to share everything, knowing God returns the blessings many times over.  What can we give to Christ today?  What can we share, let go of, offer up?  Take a look at what you have, then imagine what God wants you to have:  eternal love, peace and joy.

Blessed Pier Giorgio, pray for us!