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Diocese of Rockville Centre

As we finish our month with Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, we can take with us his motto, "Verso l'alto!", "To the top!", which applied not only to his mountain climbing, but also to his spiritual life.

versol'alto.jpgSt. Paul compared his life to a race (2 Timothy 4:7); Pier Giorgio compares his to scaling the summits, something which he understood very well.  The danger, the excitement, the incredible beauty all paralleled his walk with God.  Step by step, he conquered his own will, accepting whatever God put in his path.  He kept his heart focused on Christ, overcoming the rocky terrain (sin), the fear (pride), and the exhaustion (dependence on self).  His destination was nothing less than the Kingdom of God brought to earth, and he reached it by his prayer and service.

We, too, can make the climb:  the only way is by living each day, each moment as Pier Giorgio Frassati did - recognizing the presence of the living Christ all around us, and responding to Him with love.  As we begin this day, let us ask God to keep the spirit of Bl. Pier Giorgio alive in each one of us, that we may be conquerors of ourselves and rise to the challenges of living the Gospel in truth and joy. 

What was said of Christ also pertains to Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati:  "He went about doing good..."(Acts 10:38).  We go with you, beloved friend - Verso l'alto!!

Bl. Pier Giorgio, continue to pray for us!