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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton was a convert to the Catholic faith - strictly raised by her Episcopalian family, she was well schooled in Scripture and recognized the truth of Catholicism when she first encountered it in Italy:

"My becoming a Catholic was a very simple consequence of going to a Catholic country, where it was impossible for anyone interested in any religion not to see the wide difference between the first established Faith given by our Lord and spread by His Apostles, and the various forms it has since taken in other countries.  As I had always delighted in reading the Scriptures, I had so deep an impression of the mysteries of Divine revelation, that though full of the sweet thought that every good and well meaning soul was right, I determined that when I came home to learn both in duty to my children and my own soul all that I was capable of understanding on the subject."

Her heart, already in the tender grip of God's grace, was ready to receive the fullness of Christ found in Catholicism.  Her experience was not an easy one, however, as her family and friends did not understand her conversion.  If you have ever experienced misunderstanding because of your faith, you are not alone.  The things of the world and the things of God do not usually co-exist peacefully.  Let Mother Seton be your guide, and trust in God to lead you to the truth.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!