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Diocese of Rockville Centre

This passage from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's journal does not require much comment; I leave it to each to discern the quiet beauty of the moment and take from it what they may.  Just picture a soul so embraced by the presence of God as to begin her day with only the thought of Him and all the blessings He bestows:

Dawn.jpg"After six hours of undisturbed sleep, when the stars were disappearing before the light, my soul awoke.  The body, also sweetly refreshed, left it at liberty to adore and to renew its devotion to the Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier; all my little flock were resting peaceably within the fold.  Well might their mother arise to acknowledge, to praise, and to bless the gracious Shepherd who preserves them safe in His refuge, feeds them with His hand, and leads them to the refreshing stream; well may she follow on, confiding them to His care, rejoicing in His presence, triumphing in His protection, and seeking only to express her grateful joy and love:  seeking His favor but by submission to His will.  O Lord, keep us in Thy way, direct us in Thy paths, recall our wanderings, make us to hear Thy voice with gladness and to rejoice in Thy salvation."

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!