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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Meditation on the name of Jesus remains a formula for prayer which is equally accessible and powerful for all, from the simplest person to the most worldly and educated, for it accomplishes a most important task:  it keeps us in the presence of God.  Thus did St. Elizabeth Ann Seton understand that repeating the name of Jesus transcends the power this world holds and brings our hearts and minds back to the true reality - that of Christ as Master, Lover, Healer, and Friend of our soul.heart.jpg

"Let us always whisper His name of love as an antidote to all the discord that surrounds us", she wrote her Sisters. "The harmony of heaven begins for us while, silent from all the world, we again and again repeat, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!"

Such magnificent simplicity!  And isn't that what our faith should be?   If we take steps to live our lives in the knowledge of an ever present God, and keep the name of Christ on our lips, flowing from our hearts, surely we are close to the Kingdom of God.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!