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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Elizabeth Ann Seton truly lived her Catholic faith:  she raised her children to love God; she taught her Sisters with humility and followed the rule of the community with her whole being.  She served all children with the schools she opened and often taught the poorest ones herself.  Her demeanor was gracious and kind, yet she was doggedly persistent in her quest to provide for her family and her congregation.

ElizAnnSeton.jpgFrom the 1986 Spanish Episcopal Conference came this statement:  “When a man or woman lives the Christian spirit in a profound way, all his or her activities and relationships reflect and communicate the charity of God and the goods of his Kingdom.  It is necessary for us Christians to know how to put this Christian stamp on our daily relationships within the family, with our neighbors, at our work and at our leisure.  This stamp or seal consists of simplicity, sincerity, fidelity, meekness, generosity, solidarity and joy.”

Surely those words could have been spoken about our Saint!  Mother Seton radiated the the inner beauty of a life in Christ.  She is a perfect example of how one person, aspiring to holiness, can affect the world around them.  As such she is someone we can all look to as we struggle to remain in the presence of God and set fire to the world with His love.  May her prayers continue to nudge us towards a life of grace.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!