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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"You are untiring in your activity.  But you fail to put order into it, so you do not have as much effect as you should.  It puts me in mind of something I heard once from a very authoritative source.  I happened to praise a subordinate in front of his superior.  I said, 'How hard he works!' 'You ought to say', I was told, 'How much he rushes around!'" (St. Josemaria Escrivá)

The Bible gives many examples of God's love of order and organization:  King David classifying the priests by their duties (1 Chronicles 24); King Solomon organizing his princes and officers (1 Kings 4); and of course Israel being divided into twelve orderly tribes (Numbers 1).  Our God is not a god of confusion, but one of peace, calm and order.

So what about us?  There's a joke going around the internet about how we easily get distracted from one task to another - starting something but moving on to ten other jobs before we finish.  Can we relate to what St. Josemaria Escrivá is saying?

I followed a blog once where a hermit would pray that God would put her day or her hermitage "in loving order."  I loved that phrase - it conjured up images of neatly stacked and well-read books on a polished table near a pot of steaming tea - and it stuck with me.  I often ask God to do the same for me when I am facing a hectic or trying day. I believe it's a prayer which He answers readily and willingly. 

This holy season, why not ask God to put your life in loving order?  If we seek His kingdom first and follow with charity and love of neighbor, we become people after God's own heart.  Let's not rush from task to task in a state of harried confusion, but prayerfully walk through our day as Christ did - following His Father's will for His life.

St. Josemaria Escrivá, pray for us!

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