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Diocese of Rockville Centre

When Josemaria Escrivá was studying for the priesthood, he pleaded with God over and over again to help him to understand what was expected of him:  "Almost without realizing it, I kept repeating 'Domine, ut videam! Domine, ut sit!' [Lord, let me see! Lord, let it be!] I did not know what it was He wanted, but I went forward . . ."  His persistence paid off, for he eventually did "see" the blueprint of the life's work God had chosen for him:  Opus Dei. 

St.JosemariaEscriva.jpgGod rewards us when we are steadfast and persevere in our prayer, just as when Christ spoke about the persistent widow:  'Then Jesus told them a parable about the need to pray always and not to lose heart...' (Luke 18:1-8)  God didn't want Josemaria to lose heart; he wanted his heart to increase so it had room to conceive and give birth to the incredible vision He had planned for him The more Josemaria prayed and the more he begged to see God's vision, the greater communion he shared with Christ and the more he was able to understand the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

So, too, with us - with continual prayer we can hope to achieve that same unity.  God has a unique plan for each one of us, one which is in line with the gifts and even the handicaps we possess.  A life can only come to complete fruition through reunion with its Creator; this is what St. Josemaria dared to aspire to.  This month, let us pray without ceasing to make his aspiration our own.

St. Josemaria Escrivá, pray for us!

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