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Diocese of Rockville Centre

I heard a beautiful homily the other day by Fr. Andrzej Zglejszewski of our Diocesan Office of Worship, in which he spoke about Jesus proclaiming the Beatitudes.  He mentioned that Jesus was looking out at these crowds of people, most of them living in poverty and humiliation, and that His message to them was basically: “I know your lives; stay where you are, because I am there with you.”

I think Fr. Escrivá would have liked that thought, because that is what he also taught:  that we should stay where we are and sanctify our work, our families, and our homes.  He wrote:  “Our task as Christians is to proclaim this kingship of Christ, announcing it through what we say and do. Our Lord wants men and women of his own in all walks of life. Some he calls away from society, asking them to give up involvement in the world, so that they remind the rest of us by their example that God exists. To others he entrusts the priestly ministry. But he wants the vast majority to stay right where they are, in all earthly occupations in which they work: the factory, the laboratory, the farm, the trades, the streets of the big cities and the trails of the mountains.”

We each have a vocation entrusted to us by God.  It is up to us, with His help, to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven within that vocation, within the sphere of our influence.  No life is too mundane or too unimportant;  Christ is with each one of us in our circumstances - alive and present to us - to guide us, comfort us, and strengthen us. 

Listen to what Jesus says to you:  “I know your life; stay where you are, because I am there with you.”

St. Josemaria Escrivá, pray for us!

(Ed. Note:  We are never speaking of staying in an abusive situation of any kind.)

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