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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"Mary protected me even before I knew her!" (St. Josephine Bakhita)

Bakhita loved the Blessed Mother; it is said that she died with Mary's name on her lips.  This morning I offer the words of Francis Fernandez from "In Conversation with God", to reflect upon our own relationship with Mary:

"Jesus speaks to us in prayer.  And the Blessed Virgin, our Mother, shows us how to go about it:  'Do whatever He tells you', she advises us, as she did the servants at Cana, because to do what Jesus says to us each day in our personal prayer and through spiritual direction is to find the key that enables us to open the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven, to place ourselves in the way of doing God's will concerning our own existence.  And when we are docile to those promptings and counsels we find that our lives become fruitful; we will be like those servants at Cana who, through their obedience to the words of our holy Mother Mary, found the stone jars full of splendid wine.

"Let us go to her and ask her to teach us to speak to Jesus, and to know how to listen to Him.  Let us renew our firm resolution to put more effort each day into our prayer.  Let us examine ourselves on whether or not we are attentive to whatever He wishes to say to us in that dialogue."

St. Josephine Bakhita, pray for us!