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Diocese of Rockville Centre

St. Margaret Mary was actually mortified at the thought of having to write an account of the graces she received from God.  In all things she showed great humility, trying to be obedient to both God and her superiors.  She wrote:  "It is for the love of Thee, O my God, and through obedience, that I submit to write this account, asking Thy pardon for the resistance I have made.  Thou alone knowest how great my repugnance thereto is; Thou alone therefore can give me the obedience to overcome it, for this obedience was given me by Thee, in order to punish..the precaution I had taken to bury myself in entire oblivion on the part of creatures."

Humility has its root in the Latin word "humus" meaning "ground" or "earth".  Perhaps the best way for us to achieve humility is to spend time closest to the ground, down on our knees!  When we fall in surrender to God, when we literally collapse on our knees to cry out to Him, then we become fertile ground where His graces can be sown.  Today, humble yourself before Almighty God and Let His grace take root in your heart...

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us!