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Diocese of Rockville Centre

St. Margaret Mary’s thoughts, when she tried to share them, were often misunderstood by others.  Though she was sincere in trying to follow what she believed God wanted of her, and though she tried to make people understand that she only wanted to model the love of Christ with her life, she was often rejected and thought of as either foolish or self-centered.  When this happened, she would pray:

“The more my love they contradict,
The more love’s flame towards Him doth tend;
Though day and night they me afflict,
My soul from Him they never can rend.
Though suffering ever should be my part,
He’ll draw me closer to His Heart.”

We all have circumstances in our lives when our actions are misunderstood by others.  We may do something with the best of intentions and the most loving heart, but still we are treated suspiciously or hurtfully.  It is human nature then, to either sulk or withdraw from those who misjudged us, perhaps even treat them unkindly.  But here is where we can lean on Christ and take refuge in His Sacred Heart as St. Margaret Mary did.  Here is where we have the chance to be true Christians and treat others lovingly in spite of being rejected.  God understands our motives; He alone can read our hearts.  Ultimately it is only He whom we should want to please.  

The next time you feel misunderstood by someone, offer up a prayer to God, and ask St. Margaret Mary’s intercession in the situation.  Ask that even though your actions are misinterpreted, that the love you offered not be lost, but still be bestowed upon the person you intended.  In that way you are following the path of Christ, who loved even those who crucified Him.

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us!