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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Jesus invited St. Margaret Mary to rest her head on His breast as St. John had done during the Last Supper, therefore she is known as the Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart.  It is an intimate gesture, and one which we consider a sign of God's special love for her.

But does God really play favorites?  Does He  love St. Margaret Mary, or St. John for that matter, more than the rest of us?  In our humanity, it's difficult to imagine that God has enough room for all of us to be "special".  We think that the Saints must have been especially holy, incredibly intelligent, hauntingly beautiful and very, very spiritually deep.  But no - not necessarily!  When St. Margaret Mary was assigned to a job in the infirmary of the convent, it is said that she was thought of as somewhat slow and didn't do her job very well.  And most of the other Saints, like us, had their faults in personality, looks and spirituality.  So I believe God offers everyone that same opportunity for repose: gently leaning against His beating heart, feeling the warmth of His Love.

Perhaps, today, we all need to hear that invitation from Christ:  "Come, all of you who are burdened with weariness."  The world and its problems can be wearying - we all need to know that God calls us, by name, to Him.    Today, take your rightful place at Jesus' side - close your eyes - imagine you are at the Last Supper and Jesus has called you over - lean on Him - whisper what is in your heart. Know that you are special to Him.  And thank the Lord for a Love which knows no human boundaries.

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us!