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Diocese of Rockville Centre

When St. Margaret Mary was a child, she lived in poverty after her father's death and was treated cruelly by family members.  In her own words she tells us:  "From that time all my affections turned towards the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, where I sought my only delight and consolation." 

I think that sometimes, in our own trials and problems of life, we often forget the healing power of the Eucharist, which we have available to us every day if we so choose.  I had a beautiful experience at Mass the other day.  Because I had met a friend there I was sitting in the second pew, which I don’t usually do (like most good Catholics, I am accustomed to taking a pew farther back!).  As I was kneeling in prayer after receiving Holy Communion, perhaps in deference to those of us who were doing so, both the Priest and the Eucharistic Minister were speaking very softly:  “The Body of Christ…The Body of Christ…The Body of Christ...”  Those gentle whisperings fell upon me and covered me like a prayer shawl:  “The Body of Christ…The Body of Christ...”  I let the words settle deep within, absorbed them until they were all I knew...

It was such a healing moment for me, and it came at a time when I truly needed healing!  So I thought of those Saints who made the Eucharist such an important part of their lives, and wondered that we don't always do the same. 

Perhaps today, remember St. Margaret Mary's advice for consolation: try to make it a point to go to Mass, or at least to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament in some parish.  Receive the Body of Christ, and say a prayer from your heart to His.

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us!