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Diocese of Rockville Centre

The relic of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque came to our diocese yesterday and began its journey at our Cathedral.  It was a beautiful day and I walked over to say a prayer, and once again thought about what relevance the preserved bones of a 400-year old Saint had for us today.  As I quietly watched, people began to make their way reverently up to the relic  and dropped to their knees in prayer. 

One by one they came, hundreds of them: young and old, some dressed to go to a wedding, others in street clothes; some with wheelchairs and canes, others pushing strollers or holding the hands of children.  Music played softly in the background; formal prayer began.  It was a very humbling moment to see the faith of so many hopeful people.  I wondered what their prayers were:  for healing?  for more faith?  for refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus?  for a miracle?

One thought came to me: that these believers, these faithful, were manifesting the hope and love that St. Margaret Mary lived for and tried to bring to others with her devotion to the Sacred Heart.  And so we are connected to her, and in the holiest of ways!  Because love never fails, and the hope of our faith speaks to us today as it did to a humble Sister of the Visitation hundreds of years ago.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the true faith of Saints throughout the ages - for  St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, and for those Saints among us who kneel to bless her and ask her intercession.  May all of our lives generate the hope and love which will be a witness for generations to come.

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us!