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Diocese of Rockville Centre

St. Maria Faustina, like the rest of us, often struggled with herself.  She wrote in her diary:  “When one day I resolved to practice a certain virtue, I lapsed into the vice opposed to that virtue ten times more frequently than on other days.  In the evening, I was reflecting on why, today, I had lapsed so extraordinarily, and I heard the words: ‘You were counting too much on yourself and too little on Me.’ And I understood the cause of my lapses.”

Sometimes we, also, depend too much upon ourselves; we are such “self-made” people that we do not like to admit we need God’s help and grace.  Independence and self-reliance are qualities we admire in people, and we consider those who have these traits to be mature.  But perhaps true maturity is understanding that we have a Creator and are dependent upon Him for everything:  At this moment, if I am attentive, that is, if I am mature, then I cannot deny that the greatest and most profound evidence is that I do not make myself, I am not making myself.  I do not give myself being, or the reality which I am.  I am ‘given’.  This is the moment of maturity when I discover myself to be dependent upon something else.” (Julián Carrón, Traces Magazine)

Once again, God turns everything upside down!  True maturity, "coming into our own", is in fact coming to the realization that we did not bring ourselves into being; we have been given this life by the One True God.  St. Faustina learned the hard way that we cannot achieve very much alone; our God wants us to place our trust in Him and not ourselves.

St. Maria Faustina, pray for us!