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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"Before supper, I went into the chapel for a moment to break the wafer spiritually with those beloved persons, so dear to my heart, though far away. First, I steeped myself in profound prayer and asked the Lord for graces for them all as a group and then for each one individually. Jesus gave me to know how much this pleased Him, and my soul was filled with even greater joy to see that God loves in a special way those whom we love."  (Diary, Notebook 5)

This statement from St. Faustina's diary speaks volumes on the importance of our prayer for others, and how God works through intercessory prayer.  To "break the wafer spiritually" with those we love is such a glorious thought:  that we can have such deep communion through prayer when we cannot be with the ones we love.

We may be separated by an immeasurable distance, but our heart's desire, lifted up to God, cleaves us to one another and makes us as close as the breath of the Holy Spirit.  To be joined in this way, through prayer, is to truly be One in Christ.

When you are far from someone you love, remember God has no boundaries; your beloved is just a breath away...

St. Maria Faustina, pray for us!