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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"There are some people who have a strange way of making friends with others.  And then, as friends and under the pretext of that friendship, they manage to draw the person out, word by word.  Then, when the right moment comes, they use those very same words to hurt that person.  My Jesus, how strange is human frailty!  Your love, Jesus, gives the soul this great prudence in its dealings with others." (Diary, Notebook 2)

St. Maria Faustina spoke here of two Sisters - and how often it is that those we consider closest to us, or sharing the same mission, seem to hurt us the most.  We foster a sense of companionship and trust, and when that trust is turned against us we naturally feel betrayed.

St. Faustina was prudent and wise; she thanked God for this gift and patiently brought her sorrows to Him.  She understood how fickle and frail the human heart can be and sought Christ's merciful heart.  To have recourse to prayer is the only true way to overcome this hurt.  In Fr. Benedict Groeschel's book, "The Journey Toward God", he quotes St. Pius X:  "Without an interior life, we will never have strength to persevere in sustaining all the difficulties inseparable from any apostolate, the coldness and lack of cooperation even on the part of virtuous men, the calumnies of our adversaries, and at times even the jealousy of friends and comrades in arms...Only a patient virtue, unshakably based upon the good, and at the same time smooth and tactful, is able to move these difficulties to one side and diminish their power."

How true!  When we are disheartened by the actions of others, the  relationship we can always rely upon is with our Savior.  St. Maria Faustina knew and depended upon this.  When we are hurt by the people around us, we will do well to do the same.

St. Maria Faustina, pray for us!