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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"All things will have an end in this vale of tears, tears will run dry and pains will cease. Only one thing will remain - Love for You, O Lord...All things will have an end in this exile.  The ordeals and wilderness of the soul.  And though she lived in perpetual agony, if God is with her, nothing can shake her." (Diary, Notebook 3)

Though St. Maria Faustina was doubtless speaking of herself here, I thought of Millie, a woman who has been confined to bed her whole life, both blind and crippled.  Often after visiting her I can't help but wonder what sustains her, how she keeps a smile and barely complains.  Though her mind is somewhat child-like, she has an incredible memory and is truly funny. 

Millie_Feet.jpgStill, her life has been one of much suffering, most of it lived in a nursing home since her parents died.  And though I know she has a strong faith, I was very touched by what I saw on my last visit.  I had turned down her covers to adjust her bed, and there on her feet, which had never walked, were two small bracelets:  a rosary and one of the Saints.  And I thought of how God was always with her, and the little bracelets were a reminder of that.  And that yes, one day "tears will run dry and pains will cease.  Only one thing will remain - Love for You, O Lord".

Thank you, Lord, for the example of people like Millie, whose faith puts ours to shame, whose childlike trust we all need to have.  May we learn from Millie and the Saints to wait patiently for You in this vale of tears.

St. Maria Faustina, pray for us!