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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"When I came to meditation a host of absurd thoughts swarmed into my head, so much so that I had to struggle throughout the whole meditation.  It was the same during prayer time..."  (Diary, Notebook 2)

How often do we fight to keep our thoughts quiet during prayer?  St. Faustina struggled just as we do.  We can imagine her fingers moving deftly along her rosary beads, but her mind moving even faster.  We have all been there - trying desperately to quiet the running commentary in our brains:  Did I balance the ledger, finish that presentation; are there groceries to buy, errands to run, family issues to resolve, etc. etc. etc.!  How can we ever hope to recollect ourselves?

HeartCloud.jpgThose trained in meditative techniques suggest not fighting our thoughts but just allowing them to pass by.  In "Open Mind Open Heart", Thomas Keating writes:  "Do not resist any thought, do not hang on to any thought, do not react emotionally to any thought.  This is the proper response to all...kinds of thoughts that come down the stream of consciousness."

And come down they will!  Perhaps another answer is to let those thoughts become part of our prayer, to ask God to work in them.  Our distractions may become holy if we offer them up and release them to Christ. 

Heavenly Father, when we try to silence our minds to reach out to you, please forgive our constant interruption in thought.  May those interruptions be further cause for our continued prayer.  In Jesus' name, Amen...

St. Maria Faustina, pray for us!