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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Stories of the prophetic gifts of Padre Pio abound; he could tell if a person coming in to his confessional was sincere, and if they weren't he simply refused to absolve them.

He spent many hours reconciling people to Christ; he believed it to be one of the most important and sacred duties of a priest.  He lovingly directed souls towards the truth and would often coax out of them sins they had forgotten or were reluctant to confess.  This quote of his seems particularly apropos as an act of contrition:

"My past, O Lord, to Your mercy;

My present to Your love;

My future to Your providence."

For what else is the sacrament of reconciliation if not trusting your sins to God's mercy, and your life to His loving providence?  This Advent is a good time to make a sincere and honest confession, to make ourselves ready to receive Christ born anew in us.

St. Padre Pio, pray for us!