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Diocese of Rockville Centre

“Immerse yourself in the silence of prayer…” (St. Padre Pio)

Silence!  Revered by some and feared by others, the Saints know that silence is a necessity for communing with God.  Most of us cannot leave everything and hole up in a desert cave, but we can all make time to be aware of the presence of God more often and make room for silence in our lives. 

In his beautifully insightful book, “Come – Celebrate Jesus!”, Msgr. Francis X. Gaeta writes about the importance of silence:  “Mary is the true contemplative as she listens to and feels the heartbeat of Jesus within her.  Mary invites us to listen with her to Jesus.  That listening requires quiet and space.  It requires us to enter into our inner core to hear Him who is always within us and always wanting to share His peace with us…Advent is about quiet listening.  It is an opportunity to allow the presence of Jesus to transform our lives, but it demands quiet.  Maybe we’re afraid of being quiet because of what Jesus might say to us or ask of us.  The beautiful image of the Mother “hearing” and “feeling” God within her should dispel all fear.  What could the child ever say to us but that He loves us?  Don’t be afraid of the One who loves you the most.”

It’s not too late to find the stillness of that first holy Christmas, broken only by the sounds of a baby’s cry.  Come, with Mary, be still and listen for Him.

St. Padre Pio, pray for us!