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Diocese of Rockville Centre

St. Bonaventure wrote that when St. Francis of Assisi received the stigmata, he agonized over whether to make it known to the world.  One of his fellow friars, Illuminato, said to Francis:  "Brother, you should realize that at times divine secrets are revealed to you not for yourself alone but also for others.  You have every reason to fear that if you hide what you have received for the profit of many, you will be blamed for burying that talent." 

Padre_Pio.jpgSuch was the way of St. Padre Pio:  the heavenly graces he received from God were not meant for him alone, but to bring the world to greater faith, to remind us that God works not only in the natural, but also in the supernatural.   Padre Pio's life gives us hope that there is more to this world than our five senses can perceive:  horizons not yet glimpsed, answers yet unknown, love still to be realized.

As we journey with Padre Pio this month, let us ask God to remove the scales from our eyes so that we may recognize the Kingdom of God in our midst.  For what we dare to dream, we dare to reach for.

St. Padre Pio, pray for us!