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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"The day of my death will be the most beautiful day of my life." PGF

Pier Giorgio died at 24 years old, cut down by illness in the prime of his life, a life lived completely for Christ.  We all question death in these circumstances:  why should such a good young man, so incredibly devoted to God, have to die?

Here in our own diocese we have been faced with the same question about three young lives which were senslessly lost in a car accident this past Thursday.  Paige Malone, 19; Jamie Malone, 22; and Michael Mulhall, 22, were on their way to work at a summer camp as counselors for disabled children.  Their families and their entire parish community of Our Lady of Victory are mourning the loss of not only three who were so young, but three souls committed to making the world more peaceful, more just, more loving.

3CandlesbyKevin.jpgWhat do we say at times like this?  How do we offer support?   A beautiful thought on untimely death was expressed once at a funeral Mass by Msgr. James McNamara, "God didn't take them, but He welcomes them home with open arms."  And hopefully that statement offers some comfort, some truth of our faith.  We can stand on God's promise of eternal life, and never let the light that these three shone be extinguished.  Their legacy, like Bl. Pier Giorgio's, will be one of the love of Christ.  May their families feel the healing embrace of our diocesan community; and may all who have lost a loved one, especially in sudden circumstances, have the peace of Christ...

Bl. Pier Giorgio, pray for us!