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Diocese of Rockville Centre

The author is a Catholic mother and grandmother who spends much of her time seeking the Sacred in every day life. Occasionally a guest blogger will contribute a post.
She quotes St. Anthony of Padua in reference to this blog:
"I ask that if you find anything edifying, anything consoling, anything well presented, that you give all praise, all glory and all honor to the Blessed Son of God, Jesus Christ. If on the other hand, you find anything that is ill-composed, uninteresting or not very well explained, you impute and attribute it to my weakness, blindness, and lack of skill."


#1 MARIE JOSEE SEIDE 2010-11-18 20:58
Dear Bren,

Thanks for the information about Venerable Solanus Casey. It is very inspired to me striving every day to become a better christian. Thanks also for the Prayer of consecration to the Holy Spirit. It fell right in place. Praying it made my day. Sometimes we face difficult moments and these type of articles, which I consider divine reminders are, in my view, blessed boosters to our faith.

Bren, May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire and strengthen your evangelical work.

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