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Diocese of Rockville Centre

"One day, on account of some fault which I had committed, my Divine Master gave me the following lesson.  'Learn', He said, 'that I am a Holy Master and One that teaches holiness...therefore thou must act with simplicity of heart and with an upright and pure intention in My Presence.'  He has made me experience this all my life.  For I can say that He did not allow the smallest fault to pass..or negligence, without correcting me for it..." (from the writings of St. Margaret Mary)

Here St. Margaret Mary speaks of Christ's discipline, how if we are open to the things of God, He will correct us when we need it.  A friend told a story which illustrates this perfectly.  He was on his way to lector at Mass early one morning.  In his wallet he had only $6 which he was going to use for lunch with friends.  On the way he drove by a homeless woman who he saw once in a while on the streets.  She was tiny, thin and very elderly.  He had the passing thought that perhaps he should give his money to her, but he was running late and argued a bit with God:  "Well, Lord, I haven't had lunch with these friends in a while; and I'm already late and hardly have time to stop right now."

He continued on to Mass, and when it came time to read the prayer of the faithful, he stood up, but almost stuttered over one of the prayers:  "For  those on the streets, that they may obtain what they need through people of good will, let us pray to the Lord..."  "Ouch!" he thought.  "OK, Lord - but how will I find her after Mass?  Surely she is long gone by now."  But, you guessed it, as he walked from Mass past the train station, there she sat with her small bag of bottles.  He very humbly walked up to her:  "Here, mother, this is for you." 

Coincidence?  I think not!  It is a perfect example of God's love breaking into our day.  St. Margaret Mary, and all of the saints, had similar experiences.  So can we!  Today, be open to God's promptings in your day.  Seek them out and accept His discipline with a grateful heart.

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us!