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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Youth Leaders

Your Help Is Needed! 

We have many seniors graduating, please help to keep these young people connected to their faith on their college campuses.

Dear Friends,
Last year was the first time we, as a Diocese, participated in the Newman Connection. Between the Catholic Schools and the Youth Ministry Groups we collected, 2,194 student names that were forwarded to the Campus Ministers on the colleges that were named. It really is a simple process for us to take part in. I ask that you please take some time at your next meeting and complete the attached form for your graduating students. For the most part, he format for a school's e-mail is pretty much the same - they all use the name of the student and just add @and the school's name. When I receive your list, I will forward it to the Newman Connection who then sends it directly to the college Campus Minister. The Campus Minister then sends a "Welcome" to the student, inviting them to be part of the Catholic Campus Ministry of the College and the Newman Club. Will all students avail themselves of this? I wish I could say yes, but at least we are giving them the opportunity to know about how to connect to their College CCM. I have seen, first-hand, how being part of the Catholic Community on college has made a big difference in the lives of our young church. As we all know, a college campus is not always conducive to "doing the right thing"... our young people need to know that they have somewhere to go, where they can continue to grow in their faith with other young people. So, please help by filling out this form and returning it to me by June 1.

Learn more about the Newman Connection - let's help our young people stay connected! Newman Connection

Please complete the attached form Student File and fax at 516-594-0064

Rev. Joseph Fitzgerald
516-678-580, 409


National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry ("NCCYM")

What a great opportunity to be with Youth Ministers from our Diocese, to meet other Youth Ministers from across the country and to be "re-energized" and learn more about the Ministry we love! A group of Youth Ministers and myself went down to Orlando in 2013 and had a great time! Hoping to get a group together again this December. Several youth ministers have already registered ... don't wait until the last minute, there are discounts now for registration! 

>>> For more information and to register, please visit: nccym